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Resident Testimonials

See below a selection of resident testimonials praising New Chapter Partners for the services and their dedication in supporting vulnerable clients 

My name is Jay. In 2003 New Chapter Partners was the 11th placement I moved to.My mother died of a drugs overdose when I was two and I was left in the care of my grandparents.Reluctantly after I had rebelled in many ways; they gave me up to the care system.When I moved to Destiny house they worked with me and my grandparents and we began to have regular contact.I didn’t want to go to school or college but this was one of the criteria for remaining at Destiny.I like the staff and the food here and did not want to move on again.I completed school with 4 GCSE’s and went on to study catering.Today I own my own fish and chips shop and I do not charge the staff or eating there!!


My name is JB lived at New Chapter for 4 years. New Chapter was my first period in care.I have learning needs and was told by my family that I would not amount to nothing because I was violent and backward. My LA would only give me 2 hours per day home education and I spent most of that time waking up and cursing the teacher. New Chapter found a centre for me to attend and complete my maths and art level one qualifications.I passed with a distinction and I wanted to work. My Aunty owned two takeaway shops and New Chapter asked her if I could work there part time on the tills as I was good at maths.She laughed and told them that I was the idiot of the family and she could not take the risk.Staff at destiny agreed to come and sit with me at the shop and my aunt admitted that that was the first time that her books balanced to the penny for a while. She gave me a job and allowed me to display my certificate behind me at the till.



In the evenings my key worker taught me the driving theory.I cannot read nor write and he had to read the questions and make sure I understood.Sometimes we would study into the early hours of the morning. Two months after my 17th birthday I passed my theory test on the second attempt and my practical test on the first attempt.I saved £1,500 which was every penny New Chapter gave to me and they helped me to purchase my first car.I now run my own delivery business and still visit the staff here because they did not give up on me.


My name is Emms. (lived at New Chapter for 11mths) I arrived at New Chapter just after I tried to kill my mother and sister.They refused to press charges but wanted me to leave the family house.When I arrived here I tried to threaten the staff and was shocked that they did not fear me.I remained at my PRU and New Chapter staff came with me every day until I settled down.With a great struggle I gained 5 GCSE’s with A-C passes but got distracted by boys and did not want to go to college. New Chapter worked with me and my mother and she allowed me to go back home.A year later I found myself pregnant, had the baby, left her with my mother and went to college to study fashion.I am now the manager of a Nail art business.My key worker did not give up on me and we still keep in contact.


My name is Nas I lived at New Chapter for 4 years.I lived rough for about 2 years having been rejected by my parents because they said I was ugly.The staff at New Chapter fought for me to attend a PRU (instead of home school) and due to my volatile behaviour they fought to keep me there too.I gained 7 good GCSE’S and went on to pursue my career as a ground hostess.I passed the tests but was unable to maintain the patience for customer service.My keyworkers continued to work with me whilst I was in their semi-independent unit and even though I had a short spell in custody for violence. They helped me to apply for a place at The London School of fashion. Upon my release I attended an interview and short tests and was accepted there. New Chapter has come to see my exhibitions and helped me to apply for posts.I am now window dressing for famous high street fashion stores.I stay in contact with New Chapter staff at least twice per month they are like family to me.


My name is PG. I resided at New Chapter for 22mths.One day I ended up in Crown court with my co-defendants on fire-arms charges.The judge could not decide what to do with me. New Chapter manager was also in the court room waiting for her YP case to be heard.The judge turned to her and asked what should be done with me.Having heard most of my case she suggested 6 month adjournment for me to attend school and a behavioural programme. The case should be reviewed every two months. The judge seemed happy with this suggestion but not for me to go home.He asked the New Chapter manager if she had room in her residential unit and sent my social worker to make the relevant arrangements for me to reside at New Chapter. Whilst there my keyworker worked hard with my mother and father so that they could encourage me in the changes I was making.I began mainstream school and New Chapter signed me up for 7 GCSE’s and I passed 6 of them.I missed the deadline for work experience but I had the go ahead for New Chapter to source one.I told them that my dream was to work for BMW and do formula 1 racing.I got work experience at BMW and on weekends I went on a programme run by the police for young people interested in working with cars.Today I work for the same BMW in sales and I advise on diagnostic engineering.


My name is Shem I was at New Chapter and Semi-independent unit for 4 and a half years.I came to New Chapter having broken down a few placements and diagnosed with a personality disorder.I was excluded from several mainstream schools but still New Chapter staff fought for me to be placed in one of the best schools in the area. I spent five months being home tutored by the staff and on the day I was due to try out for mainstream school the head teacher said that I produced some of the best work he had marked for a long time.He made provision for me to pick up my school uniform and begin the next day.I was entered for 11 GCSE’s and passed 9. I can be easily led and have had a brush with the law; following my friends. Today I run my own maintenance business but I will one day pursue a career in creative writing.I am still in touch with New Chapter staff.


My names is Shegs. I was at New Chapter for 15mths. I witnessed my father abuse my mother for many years and once she got away from him I also witnessed being found and my mother stabbed in excess of 10 times.Climbing over the body I raised the alarm and mum was saved.This begun my period of firstly going from one relative to another then eventually fearing for their lives also they put me in care.I had no fear of adults and was constantly in fights with my carers until I came to New Chapter.They showed me genuine care and attention; they loved me even when I did not care about myself.I wanted the staff to myself and fought the other children to keep it that way.I was home tutored and managed to pass 5 GCSE’s but I was insecure and did not want to go to college and leave the staff during the day.My key worker came with me and I managed to pass my BTEC in construction and went on to University.Today I have passed my degree in construction and I am commissioned to many different projects in UK.


My name is TK I was at New Chapter for 20mths This was my first period in care because my parents were unable to keep me from being exploited by different men.By 13 and a half I had had 42 such relationships with men of all ages which I documented.When I came to New Chapter this was my first experience of men who did not find me attractive or want sex for free.I was known at school for befriending girls and sleeping with their boyfriends.I have been targeted by many girl gangs and I soon learnt to fight.The counselling I received here at New Chapter was invaluable.I was taught to respect myself and value others.I am the only girl who fell pregnant whilst at New Chapter and the care I received were very good.On the day I have my baby LA said I had to go to foster care.I suffer from morbid jealousy syndrome and they were told that I should be placed alone; however I was placed with another girl who also had a baby. I tried to kill her child and ended up in court for the same.My child was also put up for adoption. Today I am at university studying psychology and I am still in counselling for my syndrome


My name is Ant I lived at New Chapter for 23mths.I was raped for years by my father who is also my grandfather and I have a history of highly sexualised behaviour. Upon my assessment at New Chapter I agreed that I would pursue a career in animal care. I attended a college in Hammersmith and completed level 1&2 in animal care and passed with merits.It was not easy and there was times when my key workers had to sit with me to safeguard the other children there.Whilst there I secured a voluntary job at the Dogs Trust and worked weekends at a local pet shop.I love the staff at New Chapter.They have been there for me even up to today.


My name is Mars I was residing at New Chapter for 2 years.I had highly sexualised behaviour and although not convicted for such this made me high risk in attending youth clubs and school. New Chapter keyworkers attended school with me and this enabled me to take my English, ICT and maths GCSE’s a year early.The next year they helped me to get into a good college to study Art and design level one.This course was difficult but my key workers helped me and when I was going to be excluded for anti-social behaviour they helped me to adhere to a contract drawn up by the college.I had a brief period in custody for carrying a knife and New Chapter staff ensured my place in year 2 was left open for me to complete and went on to pass my level 2 also.At present my family and me are enjoying a good relationship and we held regular family counselling meetings at New Chapter.This staff team are the best. This isn’t a unit it’s a home!


My name is Via and I remained at New Chapter for 2 years.This is was my 15th placement.I used to beat my carers, urinate in cups and bottles and smear the rooms with sperm and faeces.I had a record of 17 offences for violence.No school or residential unit would take me on board. New Chapter is like a family to me.We attended CAMHs and other PSY agencies that worked together to help me.New Chapter keyworkers helped me to make sense of my past and not to continue in the same vain.They liked me unconditionally and because of them I was able to pass the equivalent to 5 GCSE’s due to the intensive home school programme.Today I am attending a performing arts course and hope to be famous one day.

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