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What Makes Us Different

  • ALL referrals are made by London and regional Social Services Departments.  We have had recommendations from Judges and other influential funding bodies. It was also envisaged that these people would reflect the ethnic diversity of the region and our programmes of Intermediate Treatment would be carried out with them either residential or in their home area. 

  • Our approach to care/support at New Chapter Partners is based on respect, recognising individuality and normalisation, taking the individual, though in care as being no different from any other in the community.  Given that the statistics weigh heavily on failure for this group of individuals, our programmes have ensured that 91% of the residents we have had dealings with in year 10,11 and above leave the system with relevant GCSE’s or in the case of those with learning disabilities, the maximum qualifications that meet their needs for employment or further education.  This is achieved by encouraging the individual to build up their skills which will in turn allow them to use their talent or potential to overcome difficulties.  We recognise that even though young people are in care, they are still valued as members of the community who have important contributions to make to its growth and development.  We have three young men who have gone on to develop successful businesses.

  • Our approach to care is very familial and not clinical – yes we have ‘old fashioned values’ based on basic good manners and respect for self and others. The Utting report and The Lord Warner report there is a gap in the market for good quality professional services for young people that are being done under one ‘roof’; and a lack of social workers that are trained in this country and can work in a range of disciplines.  We do.  All of this dictates that there is a need for more of this type of approach in child care in this country – more uniformity.  

  • Our services are varied and designed to meet the needs of young people age 12 – 18yrs in our residential unit and 18+ in our semi-independent facilities and supported lodgings.  We work with parents, families, carers, teachers, schools, social services, welfare workers, police and any other agencies needed to successfully meet the needs of residents. 

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